Create Your Certificate

Manhattan Studies Institute has a innovative solution to help all our students in order to build the future career. We are helping by collecting all your previous credentials and build the path to your degree or to your diplomas. You'll be able to select what certificate course you want and we will build your credentials and help with your placement recommendation. We'll learn about your skills or about your targets and will help to implement a solution for your success to fulfill your dream.

Select what course you want and we will advice the career path in order to become more marketable and increase your awareness.

We are proud to introduce our BRICK Method in professional education.

The BRICK Method is the solution for your success in education and in finding the best opportunity in any market for you. Your first Bricks of success in career are starting with us.

We are your instructors, educators and consultants. We are your team, ready to help for your success. 

Please select what course you want and email us your decisions on Subject.. Ready for BRICK credential evaluation 

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